15 minutes per day to:

  • Correct tongue posture
  • Restore nasal breathing
  • Stabilize treatments

15 minutes per day to:

Correct tongue posture
Restore nasal breathing
Stabilize treatments

FroggyMouth Small
FroggyMouth Medium
Froggymouth Large

The first Anoetic* Myofunctional Rehabilitation Device

*expressed non-consciously

Froggymouth is the joker of your treatments to restore orofacial balance in just a few weeks. It provides long-lasting correction to tongue posture and restores nasal breathing by totally inhibiting the suck and swallow sequence.

Reeducation with Froggymouth is said to be anoetic because it doesn’t require any cortical participation from the patient.

Designed by Dr Fellus at the Robert Debré Hospital, Froggymouth’s mode of action is based on the work done by Eric Kandel, who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 2000 for his work on memory. The device is fully produced in France and has CE and FDA certification.

How to use Froggymouth ?

Froggymouth is worn 15 min per day in front of a television screen – or a raised computer screen. Thus the patient’s attention is focused and the buccal plane correctly aligned. 

This makes it possible not to stimulate the neuronal pathways that manage and control voluntary movements but quite on the contrary to work on the pathways that manage automatism.


Scientific documentation

The Scientific File is gathering scientific documentation on FroggyMouth. Publication – Published Scientific Studies – Clinical cases – efficiency on breathing – conferences. 

There is all you need to know to understand the FroggyMouth Concept. 


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